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We specialize in web design and creating custom tools for car dealers. With our solutions you are able to promote your company via the web.

Service for Exporters

Car Dealer Tools is the future of the Export Sales.

It is very effective approach to reach overseas buyer by using this system and services in blow. This is a whole new service that allows you to expand your overseas sales while keeping the cost down.
Also keep maintaining the buyers satisfaction of their needs.  For instance,  car is purchased for your buyer and what if they ask to you to install an Audio.  It is so easy to say “sorry we cannot do it” however, if you say “yes, we can do it”. Your reputation proceeds you.  It means “I heard about you before I met you.” It generally suggests that the person/company  has a reputation in his field that makes them well-known and respected.

Auction System

  • 120 Auction houses + Iauc Stock + Gao stock + Asnet One Price.
  • Results on cars
  • Company Domain
  • Registration for customers
  • Manufacture date
  • Able to Customermize

Port Service (Osaka/Kobe)

  • Audio Install
  • Car Wash
  • Parts Replacement
  • Shift Knob/Spare Key Remove