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Posted by Bob On Thursday, November 11th, 2021


About tastes, as you know, do not argue. And if we talk about the automotive design of the 1950-60s, then such desires are few that would like to get very antique car. It is no coincidence that the masterpieces of that distant era dominate the ranking of the most beautiful cars in the history of the global automotive industry. We will talk about the models that are in the top five, if you want a nice car look for electric cars.


The first place was taken by the English sports car Jaguar E-Type. He first appeared in public in March 1961 at the Geneva Motor Show. The car did not go off the assembly line for thirteen years and, characteristically, had a relatively low price. The design of the model was developed by a former aviation engineer Malcolm Sayer. So far in Jaguar this car deservedly causes special pride. If you own such a gorgeous car but got involved in an unfortunate road accident, you have the right to call in the towing services of your choice, like towing houston, in order to handle your car with the most extreme care possible.

MERCEDES-BENZ 300 SL (W198) 1954

Debuting in 1952, the 175-strong Mercedes-Benz 300 SL (W194) was the winner in almost all racing competitions of the time. The premiere of the civilian version of the W198 coupe took place in 1954 at the New York Auto Show, and three years later another roadster version of the 300 SL was released. The exterior of the car was created by a group of designers led by Karl Wilfert. The hinged doors opened upward and resembled a flap of wings, so the 300 SL was nicknamed the “gull wing”. Quality car parts you can find on this site rexbo.co.uk.

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